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  • "My experience with Dr. Weingarten was great. He was very personable and he took the time to educate me about my condition. I would recommend him to anybody looking for a podiatrist."
    Greg G.
  • "After experiencing pain in my left foot Dr. Weingarten helped me resolve my issues very quickly. The office staff were very professional and friendly. They even kept the office open for me a little later than usual since I couldn't get there in time. I would highly recommend Dr. Weingarten!"
    Ben S.
  • "Very friendly and caring in his approach to my ankle condition. He helped me understand why my feet hurt and how to recover from my injury. He was very thorough. I highly recommend this doctor."
    Gary S.
  • "I was really happy with the service! Dr. Naftoli Weingarten was amazing with my 11 year old son and the receptionist was very kind and went out of her way to make sure my son was comfortable before he had his in grown toenail removed. I also love the fact that they are open in the evening and I was able to get an appointment right away. Overall, we are beyond satisfied with our visit!"
    Ethan G.
  • "It was an amazing visit. Dr. Weingarten was so patient w/ my 11 yo son who was very nervous initially. He just sat down with the doctor and his mind was at ease and he had a huge smile on his face -- while his foot was being scraped. His initial visit treated the issue & we couldn't be happier."
    Elon P.
  • "There was a mix up with the appointment time. He came in at 9:00 at night to see me. He explained things well."
    Kelly E.
  • "Excellent care, friendly, well experienced."
    Malayan C.
  • "Excellent service, Dr was very attentive and made my daughter feel right at ease. Would definitely recommend him!"
    Sara G
  • "Amazing care, friendly staff, felt like I was in good hands the entire time."
    Gabrielle P.
  • "My son was very scared to have his wart removed but Dr. Weingarten was so patient & explained to him step by step what he was doing & he provided after care."
    David B.
  • "Dr is quick, kind, upfront, knows what he's doing."
    Wayne P.
  • "I was looking for a podiatrist that was not only covered by my insurance but close by to my home. I've been to multiple podiatrist and this one is best. The Dr was extremely nice and actually listened to everything I had to say unlike the past podiatrists I've seen. Really nice, professional and extremely knowledgable. I have since moved further from the office and have multiple podiatry office near my new home and still choose to see him. He didn't try to sell me anything and gave me multiple options on how to improve my plantar faciatis. The staff is friendly and make you feel encouraged to speak with them. The doctor is very flexible and works with your schedule. I have 2 jobs and he works with my schedule. The location is great and has multiple stores to shop at or eat at. I definitely recommend this doctor, he is the best and I am extremely satisfied with his work."
    Ernesto G.
  • "Dr. Weingarten was recommended to me by a friend who said if you're looking to get rid my your ingrown nails, he's the one. Needless to say i visited the doctors office and was truly impressed by the work done. In no time i was good as new, not sure why i waited so long to have my nails fixed. glad i found Dr. Weingarten."
    Levi M.
  • "Dr. Weingarten is super friendly and honest. He has really helped my husband with his foot issues. I can't recommend him enough!"
    WadeNBritt H.
  • "Dr. Weingarten is my savior! I've been suffering from nail fungus for years and have tried a variety of treatments. Although it's a slow process I'm actually seeing gradual improvement. I'm even wearing flip flops this summer for the first time in years. The Dr. is super friendly, honest and dedicated. I can't recommend him enough!"
    Wade H.
  • "Choosing Dr. Weingarten wasn't too difficult. He's professional, easy to relate to, warm, funny, and took the time to actually listen to my concerns, and then educated me about the different treatment options. He has this cheerful and uplifting way about him that quickly put me me at ease. he treated more as a friend than as a patient, and what a difference it make. His office has become some sort of a break from my hectic life. His secretaries don't spend their time fending off all human contact like it s a contagious disease. They are just as personable and enjoyable to speak with as the doctor is.

    What really cemented how I felt about Dr. Weingarten was how he took time out of his personal life to check up on how I was doing in the days following my surgery. Having a doctor do so blew me away. I wasn't just some patient, i wasn't just a number. It made the emotional toll that a recovery from surgery took me on that much more bearable."
    Manny M.
  • "If you're looking for a podiatrist honestly look no further.

    Dr. Weingarten is hands down the best. It took me 3 doctors till I finally was happy.

    Who thought a wart removal would be so difficult? He is so knowledgable, sincere, honest and most of all has the biggest heart.

    He will go above and out of his way to make sure the job is done right. The other doctors I went to were trying to sell me. Not Dr. Weingarten.

    Thank you doc. You're the best."
    Arash N.
  • "Great service, very gentle, helpful, good listener and did not lecture me. This is my third visit! Very glad I found Dr. Weingarten"
    Chana P.
  • "I had an extremely painful ingrown toenail. I called Dr. Weingartens office and after I explained how much pain I was in they squeezed me in that day. When I got to the office, there was tons of parking. The office was clean and pretty. But the best part, was the doctor. I was really scared and he was super patient. I kept screaming when he tried to give me the numbing shot, he waited for a while for me to calm down. Once I let him start, everything was fast and painless. Dr. Weingarten explained everything he was doing. I would totally go back and recommend him to all my friends."
    Baila S.
  • "Such a great service, found my wife problem In one meeting.. My wife can walk with no pain.. Yeaa.. The only thing It was hard to find him.. But I'm happy we got him as our doctor. Keep helping more people.."
    Sagi r.
  • "Dr Weingarten is amazing I had recurrent ingrown toenails and went to 2 other doctors before seeing Dr. Weingarten, he was patient with me he offered me various treatment options for temporary and permanent relief I chose to have the issue resolved permanently it is been six months and I'm happy to say I have not had ingrown toenail sinse. I would gladly recommend Dr. Weingarten to anybody looking for an honest and great podiatrist"
    David P.


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